Speedy Pushrods

Rocket Cams now has the support products for a successful camshaft install.  Speedy Pushrods are a faster way to assist the installation of any camshaft on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  These pushrods use high quality rigid steel tubing to prevent deflection and ensure correct valve timing even with high pressure valve springs.  Available with or without tubes and O-Rings.


1985 - 1999 Evolution Engines

#6-6001 Pushrods Only

#6-6002 Pushrod and Tube Kit

1999 - 2017 Twin Cam Engines

#6-6003 Pushrods Only

#6-6004 Pushrod and Tube Kit

2017 - Milwaukee 8

#6-6005 Pushrod and Tube Kit

Valve Springs

Rocket Cams valve springs are manufactured from high quality ultra clean high silicone Kobe alloy wire and then micro shot peened and nitrided.  CNC machined locks and chromoly forged retainers at the top of the spring ensures durability.  These springs are a must with high lift cam installs.  Seals are included in every kit.


1984 - 1999 Evolution Engines & 1999 - 2004 Twin Cam Engines

#4-4101 Behive 5/16" .650" Lift Valve Spring Kit

2005 - 2017 Twin Cam Engines

#4-4102 Behive 7mm .650" Lift Valve Spring Kit

2017 - Milwaukee 8

#4-4103 Behive .600" Lift Valve Spring Kit

Tappets / Lifters

Manufactured with the highest quality control in mind and precision machining techniques.  These tappets are recommended as stock replacements and are a must for high lift, high performance applications. 

Sold as set of 4.

Fits:  Twin Cam models, 2000 later Sportsters & Buells, and all Milwaukee 8 Engines.